Central Virginia Modern Quilt Guild

Develop and Encourage the Growth and Development of Modern Quilting through Education and Community Activities

6 thoughts on “A Sew Sew Day

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  2. what is a sew sew day?


    • We come together to sew, typically on a personal project. Sometimes we work on a group project, such as our recent Pink Shirts Quilt for a charity raffle. It’s a time to gather and create a community of quilters. There is hand quilting and machine quilting going on at the same time. It’s just for fun.


  3. Thanks, can new or not yet members come? Is there tabla pace to set up machines? Should you RSVP


    • Yes. There are tables set up. You don’t have to be a member or RSVP at this time. We have a group called ModSquadRVA who are going to participate, but all those folks are also members of CVAMQG. Please feel free to complete the Contact Form information (on the website) and we’ll put you on our email mailing list.


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