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Members to be Featured at International Modern Quilt Show

TWO OF OUR MEMBERS, Melanie Leckey and Wanda Dotson will be featured at QuiltCon 2017, an international modern quilt show that takes place Feb. 23–26, 2017, in Savannah, Georgia. QuiltCon is held each year by the Modern Quilt Guild (MQG), a nonprofit organization that supports and encourages the growth and development of modern quilting.

Melanie and Wanda’s works were one of only 350 quilts selected from a pool of over 1,500 entries for this year’s show. Their works were chosen by a jury of modern quilters.

Melanie, 30, is a quilter living in Mechanicsville, Virginia and has been quilting for about 4 years. She is currently the Vice President of the Central Virginia Modern Quilt Guild and is slated to be President in 2018. She is also a professional longarm quilter with her own business she started in 2015. You can see her work at her blog, http://www.ohsewlovedquilting.com, and on Instagram @ohsewloved.

”This will be the first quilt show that I will have work displayed in and I am beyond excited,” Melanie says. “I hope that more and more young people start to love quilting as much as I do and participate in fun shows like this one. I love being part of this community that helps to grow and expand our understanding and change our way of thinking about the art of quilting. It’s no longer just for your grandma.”

Wanda, 52, lives in Colonial Heights, Virginia and has been quilting about 20 years. She is the current president of the Central Virginia Modern Quilt Guild and one was of its founders in 2015. She has a blog, Wanda’s Life Sampler and can be found on Instagram @wandaslifesampler.

“I’m thrilled my quilt will be on exhibit at QuiltCon East 2017 as part of the APQ Nine-Patch Challenge.,” says Wanda. “I like challenges. It focuses my mind, and it’s fun to see what I can create within the parameters of the challenge.”


Melanie titled her quilt, Forgotten Pieces,



She described her work:

‘Forgotten Pieces’ was inspired by important ideas, events, and people in our lives that are left out or removed from our everyday thoughts, forgotten, which only leave a trace in our minds. Only whispers in time. This quilt is my interpretation of modern art with the use of a large amount of negative space, big and bold contrasting colors, chunky hand stitches, and clean lines.

The quilt measures 45″ by 47″


Wanda titled her quilt, How to Play Hopscotch



Wanda described her work:

I was at a party where two little girls were playing hopscotch. The adults had a lengthy discussion on the rules of hopscotch, and, of course, we researched that on Google. There are many ways to draw a hopscotch board but it’s a simple game — tossing and jumping.

I thought a simple nine-patch would be best for the challenge, and each block could have white lines representing chalk lines. I also used a variety of fabrics — lightweight denim, shot cotton and regular cotton.

The quilt measures 52″ by 52″


This will be QuiltCon’s East-Coast debut, coming to Savannah for the first time. This year’s show will feature the best in modern quilting design and workmanship.

“We’re thrilled to be back for our fourth QuiltCon, and even more excited to showcase these amazing quilts on the East Coast for the first time,” says Heather Grant, director of marketing and programming for the MQG. “This show truly features the best in modern quilting on an international stage, and the exhibitors’ work speaks for itself on how much talent, design knowledge and craftsmanship these quilters have. We can’t wait to see it all come together.”

About QuiltCon: Presented by the Modern Quilt Guild, QuiltCon is the largest modern quilting show of its kind. Each year, the four-day quilt show attracts thousands of attendees from around the world for workshops, lectures, panels and more. The show draws over 1,500 quilt entries, with 350 selected for the juried show. Thousands of dollars are awarded in cash prizes to the winners in 12 categories, which include piecing, quilting, handwork, appliqué, fabric challenges and more. Learn more about QuiltCon at quiltcon.com

About the MQG: The Modern Quilt Guild is made up of more than 150 guilds and 10,000members around the world. Our mission is to support and encourage the growth and development of modern quilting through art, education, and community. Learn more at themodernquiltguild.com.

About the CVA MQG: We are a group of wonderful creators around the Richmond, Virginia area who get together to celebrate creativity and showcase different quilting techniques and current trends in the quilting community.

For information about the location of our next meeting, go to our Meeting Date and Times page. You can also contact us at cvaMQG@gmail.com



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February 7, 2017 Meeting Location

We will meet on February 7, 2017, from 6 to 8 p.m. at

Bon Air Library

9103 Rattlesnake Road

North Chesterfield, Va 

We are starting a new tradition with Two Raffles to raise money for the Guild.


50/50 Raffle:

$1 for each ticket or $5 for 6 tickets. The winner splits the pot.

Brown Bag Raffle:

This month the board members will each donate an item for the raffle. Winner takes all the goodies in the bag.

$1 for each ticket or $5 for 6 tickets.



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BIG NEWS: 2017 Design Guidance and Hands-On Demonstrations

The Executive Council and Program Chair announce plans for the 2017 Design Guidance Programs with Hands-On Demonstrations.

This year we will explore the elements and principals of design, through the methods of quilting. Each month a different principal will be explored, and a method of quilting will be presented. Members are encouraged to make their own blocks based on the “lesson”. At the end of the year, everyone will present finished blocks, or a sampler quilt showing the different elements and principals of design.

Everyone who participates will be entered into a raffle; a winner will be chosen randomly, to have a free membership for the coming year.
There will be a Sew Day every other month. This will be an opportunity for members to work on their blocks for their sampler.

For our February 7, 2017 meeting we will study CONTRAST and VALUE as a design element in your quilts.

Contrast is the juxtaposition of opposing elements such as opposites on the color wheel. Contrast usually creates a focus point.

Value means the lightness and darkness of a color.


–Scraps of fabric, a few 5″ in size and in a variety of colors and patterns

–Good, sharp needle


–Small scissors

–Two colors of contrasting thread


While Ana, our Program Chair, is demonstrating, everyone will use their scraps to find examples of contrast and value.
Everyone will find one larger piece, cut a shape out of a contrasting smaller piece of fabric, and then baste, and learn how to needle turn appliqué.

The goal will be to learn the skill, then take home the skill and design element and make a block for the larger sampler.


Throughout 2017, we will study the elements of design:

April: Color/Hue (presented by Susan Emory)

May: Line

June: Size and Scale

July: Shape

August: Emphasis

September: (Guest Speaker)

October: Direction

November: Texture

December: Show and Tell of blocks and samplers



Quilts for Refugees

Our members made three quilts for refugees in 2016. At our December meeting we donated them to Commonwealth Catholic Charities. They will give them to families who have relocated to Virginia.

We used two quilt patterns from the MQG’s Quilt of the Month series.

This is Rally by Melanie Tuazon, the February 2016 Quilt of the Month. It was made by members and quilted by Melanie Leckey of Oh Sew Loved.


Left: Guild President Wanda Dotson; Right: Abubaker Abdelrahman of Commonwealth Catholic Charities

This is Boats! Boats! Boats! By Brenda Ratliff, the July 2014 Quilt of the Month. We made two quilts. This one was made and quilted by Margaret Griffiths of MMG Fiber Designs:



This one was made  by members and quilted by Jennie Wood of The Longarm Network.


Thanks to our members who made blocks, assembled the rows, quilted or bound the quilts. We are so proud to be able to give back to our community and celebrate modern quilting at the same time.

Fantastic job!

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January 3, 2017 Meeting Reminder

Our first meeting of 2017 will be Tuesday, January 3, 2017, from 6 to 8 p.m. at

Tuckahoe Public Library

1901 Starling Drive

Henrico, VA 23229

Our first order of business will be the election of officers for the 2017 Executive Council.

We are also having a Make and Take workshop. We changed our plans as announced at the December meeting. We’re making lanyards!


We’ll also have the fabric with our logo we purchased through Spoonflower and a pattern for making an ID badge.

See you this coming Tuesday.




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December Gift Swap


This is a reminder we are hosting a Gift Swap at our December 6, 2016 meeting, 6 to 8 p.m. (our November meeting is at Ardent Craft Ales on  Tuesday, November 1, 2016)

Location for December 6, 2016 meeting:

North Park Public Library

8508 Franconia Road

Henrico, VA 23227


–Please bring a modern handmade item, no larger than 12”.

–Wrap it in fabric — your best piece of stash or the least appreciated fabric in  your stash.


–Each gift will be assigned a number as it arrives.

–That person will receive a square of paper with the corresponding number.

–That person will write down one little known fact about him or her and then fold the paper and throw it in the basket.

–When the gift exchange starts, the host will draw a piece of paper and read the little known fact (without mentioning the gift number)

–The person to guess first receives the gift with that corresponding number.

–Once that person guesses correctly they are out of the game.

–The game continues until there is one gift left, which is for the host.