Central Virginia Modern Quilt Guild

Develop and Encourage the Growth and Development of Modern Quilting through Education and Community Activities

April 2023 Meeting


Mark your calendars for our April meeting! It’s going to be a good one!

Kat @kat.vanbourgondien will lead us in an inspiration exercise! Kat will help folks walk through how to create something from an item they love. Bring something from the following:

1. One thing that you love. It could be literally anything, preferably something you can hold in your hands( if your item/ cause/ person or place is something larger you could always bring a photo!) The idea would be to have something physical to use in an activity.

2. Paper and writing/ drawing tools of your choice.

#cvamqg #cvamqginspirationchallenge


2 thoughts on “April 2023 Meeting

  1. Sorry I won’t be there de to Ray’s knee surgery.



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