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Comfort and Joy 2021

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Comfort & Joy:  2021 CVAMQG Quilt Challenge

+ Conversations on Modern Quilting

Traditional blocks and quilt designs are the comfort foods of quilting.  When we look at one, we feel happy, and lately, comforted.  We cravesnuggling up under one and feeling safe and warm.

Modern quilts make us happy, too.  We look at them and feel energized and optimistic.  In our first CVMQG challenge of 2021, we invite you to celebrate a traditional quilt block or design with your own modern take.  Reimagine the block with your own twist, or maybe focus on the meaning or origin of the design.  Keep in mind the modern quilting elements of negative space, asymmetry, improvisation, scale, contrast, etc. (We will have conversations about these throughout the year.)

A few possibilities:• Recreate a traditional block with modern colors or prints.• Use a traditional block as inspiration for your own block or quilt design.• Change the size – think log cabin and Carolyn Friedlander’s Rayquilt• Reflect on the origin or meaning of the block as inspiration for your quilt.  (For example, the Log Cabin represents “hearth and home.”  What does hearth and home look like to you?)• Combine traditional designs in a fun new way: how about a Drunkard’s Path through a Friendship Garden?• Turn a block on its head.  (What if a Pineapple Block were a PeachBlock? Or a Carmen Miranda fruit hat? What if the mariner’s compass gave bad directions?)

A sampling of traditional block patterns:

Log CabinFriendship/Sampler Quilts
Courthouse StepsFan
Nine Patch (and variations)Sunbonnet Sue
Ohio StarGarden of Eden
Bear PawHole in the Barn Door
Lady of the LakeOld Maid’s Puzzle
Economy BlockTexas Star
PineappleCrown of Thorns
Flying GeeseRoman Coins
Mariner’s CompassPinwheels

More ideas here:  https://www.quiltingdaily.com/traditional-made-modern-fresh-take-traditional-quilt-patterns/

Victoria Findlay Wolfe: https://vfwquilts.com

The plan:• All year:  Conversations about elements of modern quilting, led by Kat & Candy• All year: Contemplate your Comfort & Joy design & quilt; share your ideas and progress• December:  Final reveal (or close to final reveal)• January:  Submit quilts for Mid-Atlantic Quilt Show CVAMQG display

Any size.  But we do like to say, “Go big or go home!”  The Mid-Atlantic Show loves larger-size quilts, and who are we to disappoint?

Share your ideas on Instagram #comfortandjoy


Author: Kat VanB

Enjoying the little things in life.

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